We're Little Vegan Apothecary. Welcome!

We're Little Vegan Apothecary.

Welcome to our nook. This as a friendly space where you can sit down with your cup of coffee or tea, relax and enjoy your experience. We live in a time where it feels like everything is coming at us all at once. Information overload is everywhere. Here, we like to keep things simple, straightforward & easy. 

Keeping It Simple.

We specialize in offering you the best 100% vegan, cruelty-free & eco-friendly skincare that are of high quality, great value, natural & effective.

We don't like clutter & strongly feel there isn't a place for it in your green beauty routine. Instead, we keep things simple and effective. When there are too many products or steps in a routine, it becomes both unnecessarily expensive and no longer enjoyable to use (or eco-friendly for that matter).

Thoughtful Products, Sizes & Packaging.

We don't offer super-sized products. Buying large-sized skincare is not the best way to get the most value. How many times have you purchased a large sized product only to find you can't finish it, or when you get to the bottom of the bottle it no longer feels fresh or works like it used to?

We present you a well-edited collection of beautiful everyday skincare luxuries that are affordable, effective & eco-friendly. Our focus is a waterless routine of beauty oils which are concentrated & versatile; providing you with a beautiful complexion. Our products don't contain water, fillers, binders or synthetic fragrances.

We package our products thoughtfully. We offer our Beauty Oils in 15 ml sizes. Our Cleansing Oil is 30 ml in size. All of our oils are sold in amber bottles to protect their quality & effectiveness. Our bottles have euro-droppers to help dispense the perfect amount of oil consistently, every time. The euro droppers also aid in keeping the oils from spilling in case the bottle should ever tip over. 

What's great about our products is that they are multitasking. They're designed to be used on their own, as the results are always stunning, yet they can also be incorporated seamlessly into your existing routine, enhancing their effectiveness. 

Product boxes look lovely, yet the moment is short-lived. Individual product boxes are usually tossed into the recycle bin or garbage once opened. Our bottles arrive at your home in muslin bags, with an information card printed on recycled card stock. You can keep the card for reference, and repurpose the bag!

You won't find over-inflated egos or elitism pricing here. Instead, our brand follows a direct-to-consumer model. We cut out the middleman and sell directly to you. We don't have stockists or do complicated marketing campaigns. We don't attend tradeshows or participate in the over-saturated market of Subscription Boxes. We don't believe in selling an atrociously overpriced item. Instead, our prices are value based. We've kept it simple. 



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