Q: What is the shelf life/expiration of your products?
A: We recommend using your products within a year after opening.

Q: Do you offer samples?
A: We don't offer samples at this time. Please stay tuned. 

Q: How will my purchase be shipped?
A: We use Canada Post to ship all purchases. Click here to see our shipping rates & terms.

Q: Do you accept returns? What is your refund policy?
A: Due to health and hygiene considerations, once an order has been shipped, it can not be returned or exchanged. If for some reason your order arrived damaged please contact us at info@littleveganapothecary.com.

Q: Where can I buy your products?
A: We are a direct-to-consumer brand so you can only find our products through this website. Being direct-to-consumer, we can have high-quality products at a fraction of the cost of retail. With this being said, we do not guarantee any product purchased through a third party, traded online or purchased via an auction site like eBay.

Q: I forgot to use my discount/promo code at the checkout. Can I get an adjustment? Can the discount/promo code be applied afterward?
A: Once you have placed an order, we cannot adjust or apply the discount/promo code. However, not all of our discount/promo codes have an expiry date, and we recommend that you hold onto them for your next purchase!

Q: I have an allergy to certain ingredients. Are your products free from allergens?
A: Everyone's body chemistry is unique. We list our ingredient decks on all of our product pages for your reference. Please feel free to reach us at info@littleveganapothecary.com if you need more help.

Q: Where are your products made?
A: All of our products are made in Toronto, Canada. 

Q: Do you fulfill requests for Free Products or Donations?
A: We are currently involved with many local charities and do not accept requests for free products.